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Our partners are dedicated to sourcing quality botanical ingredients

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Industry sponsors have invested at least 5 years of dedicated collaborative support as they engage in forensic DNA tools for ingredient authentication. This includes community engagement with regulators and trade associations, which enables transparency for consumers that desire confidence in high quality brands that are essential for good health.

Our Partners

Nature's Way

Nature’s Way is excited to be a part of the NHP Research Alliance, allowing important access to the University of Guelph, a global research leader in biogenomics and food science. This is an opportunity for the dietary supplement and NHP industry to influence molecular diagnostic research that will expand the quality control toolset used to ensure consumers have access to authentic products.

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Herbalife Nutrition has been developing the science around our botanical ingredients and products for many years, focusing on transparency and accountability. The relationship we established with the University of Guelph and the Natural Health Products Research Alliance will help develop new, mutually agreed upon standards for the industry that will directly benefit the consumer. We are proud to be a Sponsor and member of the Alliance.

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Herbalife Nutrition


The NHP Research Alliance plays an essential role in the natural health product industry, working to evolve and grow our scientific understanding of the field. This spirit of continuous advancement, with a key focus on product quality and integrity, is very much aligned with Jamieson’s core values. We are very proud to work with this group and play a supportive role in its growth and development.

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Naturex has been tackling the complex issues of traceability and identification of botanicals from the start and the company has been an early adopter of DNA-based authentication of botanical ingredients. By sponsoring the Natural Health Products (NHP) Research Alliance, Naturex, in a collaborative approach with other industry stakeholders, is helping to take botanical identification to the next level with the state of the art technology and best-in-class scientists. The technological framework coming from the alliance will benefit all the stakeholders for the farmer in field to the retailers and will improve the quality of botanicals on the long term.

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The Nature's Bounty Co.

"Quality and safety of our products is very important to The Nature`s Bounty Co. Partnership with NHP Research Alliance is instrumental in our quest for better quality and safer product. NHP Research Alliance gave us access to modern DNA testing techniques and one of the most comprehensive botanical standard libraries. The technology and technical expertise is unmatched in the industry." - Pawel Rudzinski, VP, Global Quality

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University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK, Bangalore India

"I am pleased to collaborate with Prof. Steven Newmaster and be a partner in his NHP Alliance initiative. This shall give my colleagues and me in India leverage to further contribute to building a robust herbal drug authentication system in the country." – Dr. Uma Shaanker

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BI Nutraceuticals

"We’re very proud of our alliance with this important leadership group and the positive impact it will have on the industry. DNA testing will add great value to BI’s stringent and thorough Identilok® program, a species specific identification process." - Rupa Das, VP of Global Quality & Compliance

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“We are engaged in an international collaborative R&D with the NHP Research Alliance that seeks to develop innovative molecular methods to authenticate Chinese herbs, and advices on regulatory oversight for quality assurance of botanical ingredient testing within Hong Kong, China and world trade overseas." – P.C. Shaw, Genomics Professor

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